Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bright Light Scholarship Winners and the Eleanor Clare Paye "Heart of Dance" Recipient

On June 4, Steppin Out Dance Studio had their annual summer recital at the Merrill Auditorium in Portland. Ellie participated in this recital three times, the last two times while battling cancer. The Power of Elle worked with Steppin Out to do something in Ellie's memory, a lasting tribute to her love of dance.

The result of this effort was two-fold: the Bright Light Scholarships and the annual Eleanor Clare Paye "Heart of Dance" award, which is given to a dancer who continues to dance despite physical adversity.

Power of Elle is proud to announce the winners of both the Bright Light Scholarships and the "Heart of Dance" award. First, the scholarship winners. These were awarded to students pursuing post-secondary education.

  • Adrianna Schultz: $100
  • Kaitlyn Lecount: $100
  • Vanessa Trempe: $100
  • Marielle Petrin: $100
  • Christine Rousselle: $100
  • Lauren Ledoux: $500
  • Tricia Evangelista: $500
The winner of the "Heart of Dance" award was Delia Binette. She not only was awarded a trophy, but a dance jacket and a gift card.

The ability of the Power of Elle to do this with Steppin Out was due largely to the generosity of people who have donated to the Fund. Through their giving and kindness, we are able to ensure that the life and love that Ellie possessed will continue to be remembered.