Thursday, June 2, 2011

Belated Thanks

In the months between Elle's passing and the launch of her Fund, there have been many people who have made donations to or raised money for Elle's fund, and have made donations to other organizations in her name. I'll have to go through a lot of papers to get to them all, but I want to mention two right here.

First, Mike Paul of Mike Paul Foundations in Saco raised over $500 for the Fund in the month after Elle's passing. He made these great black knit caps with a gold ribbon (the pediatric cancer color) on the front. Mike also raised money for all of Elle's family to go to a Red Sox game in August of 2009.

Second, Eirik Paye and his co-workers at Nickelodeon in California raised $600 to be donated to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Elle's name.

The generosity and kindness of not only the people I mentioned here, but of everyone who made a donation, is overwhelming. It comes from the same spirit of kindness and love that Elle possessed. Thank you all.

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