Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elle's Memory Tree

This past Thursday Fairfield Elementary School in Saco (where Elle attended Kindergarten) planted a Memory Tree for Elle. It is a flowering crab-apple tree, which would please Elle to no end as she loved trees that flowered.

Her teacher Mrs. Pendleton, her kindergarten class and Principal McMullin were there along with her family, and her best friend Laina. Elle's class sang a song and Mrs. Pendleton read a poem they wrote before everyone took a turn putting a shovel of dirt into the planting hole for the tree. The poem was framed with pictures of all the students and Elle for her parents to have.

It was a lovely ceremony and it will be wonderful to have a living, growing memorial for Elle. Many thanks to the entire Fairfield School community for such a wonderful and heart-felt tribute.

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  1. Laina loved being a part of this ceremony. Thank you for including us. She misses her friend every day. Love, Sandy