Saturday, September 14, 2013

Two Fundraisers for The Power of Elle

On Thursday, September 5, Jennifer Skinsacos held her third annual fundraiser for the Power of Elle at Ken's Place Seafood Restaurant in Scarborough. Jennifer takes all her tips from that evening along with any donations from patrons and generously gives that money to the Fund. This year, Jennifer was able to raise $1,142 over $1,300 for the Fund and we couldn't be more delighted. It is events like these that allow the Fund to do things like donating to the Maine Children's Cancer Program, or to buy books for the Fairfield School library. Thank you to Jennifer and Ken's Place for their continued generosity and support!

And tomorrow, September 15, there will be the second annual Tea for Two Dolly & Me Tea Party, held at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford. This wonderful event is run by Sandy Mekonis. Her daughter Laina and Elle were best friends, meeting at age 2 when they first starting dancing at the same dance school. You can read more about it on the Facebook Event page. Everybody raved about the Tea last year and it is sure to be a success again.

As always, the Fund is extremely grateful for the generosity and kindness we receive from so many members of the community. It reminds us that Elle's spirit is still alive and she is still making a difference.

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